Bald and Bearded – The Perfect Combination

You’re bald and thinking about growing a beard? Good idea!
Studies prove that this look radiates masculinity and strength. Furthermore, men with beards and bald heads are often associated with a high degree of self-confidence and control.

Women are attracted to the look

woman with plait

In a survey, women were shown different pictures of men and asked about what they associate with their appearance. Men with beards were classified as 13% more dominant and stronger and 10% more masculine. Strangely enough, they were also estimated to be 1/2 inch taller and appear somewhat more violent than other men.

Another plus of this style is that you will stand out from the crowd and thus attract more attention. Furthermore, if you are bald, you can dye your beard without anyone noticing – provided you have never had one before. You are free to use the full-color palette, as you are not limited to the hair color of your head to ensure a natural look.

Do bald men have more beard growth?

The cause of hair loss on the head is in many cases an imbalance between the male sex hormones testosterone, which among other things promotes hair growth and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT attacks the hair follicles and causes them to atrophy, leading to hair loss. So why does the beard grow anyway? The reason for this is that the hair follicles of the beard hairs are very different from those on the scalp and they are less affected by the DHT.

So is there a connection between increased beard growth and baldness? Not necessarily – since hair loss is caused by hormone imbalance, you may have either too much testosterone or too much DHT. However, due to the lack of scalp hair, the beard will generally become more prominent and automatically appear fuller.

The best beard styles for bald men

Depending on the shape of your face, different beards may suit you better than others. Although baldness has one disadvantage in this regard – you cannot change the shape of your head with hair. Let’s have a look at some beard styles, which fit practically every face shape.

Bald with full beard

Cool man with bald head and full beard

The full beard is perhaps one of the best and most popular beard styles in combination with the bald head. Fortunately, it also fits almost any face shape and gives you some leeway to explore other styles. So if you have the necessary beard growth, give it a try. To keep the full beard in shape, we recommend using high-quality beard scissors and a beard comb for proper care.

Bald and Goatee

Man with bald head and goatee

The circle beard and the Goatee have gained in popularity over the last few years, as more actors grew one – think of Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad or John Travolta, for example. This beard style is particularly suitable for men with a distinctive chin area. If you decide to go with the goatee, you should get a beard trimmer, as this beard style needs a lot of maintenance. We also recommend that you use a beard template to avoid mistakes when trimming.

Bald with Stubble

Man with stubble and bald head

The stubble beard can also be combined well with a bald head and is often seen as very attractive by women. Besides you have to pass it anyway when growing any other beard style. We recommend a stubble beard especially if you have a distinctive chin and limited beard growth. An advantage of the three-day beard is that it requires little grooming – regular beard trimming is usually sufficient.

The Beard Fade

The Beard Fade is a cool and modern look, which for most people requires a regular visit to the barber. Trimming such a smooth transition between beard and baldness is not easy and requires a lot of practice.

Other beard styles for bald men

Man with bald head, beard and cigarette


As you can see, there exist many different beard styles in combination with a bald head and almost all of them look great. Convinced? Then try some of them out and find the beard that suits you best! To keep your beard healthy and well-groomed, we recommend the use of beard oil or beard balm. By the way, you can also make your own beard oil.