8 Things to Keep in Mind when Visiting a Barbershop

A beard only really looks its best when it is well-groomed and perfectly styled. The beard care must be done by yourself, but a barber from a barbershop can help you with the styling. A barbershop is a hairdressing salon that specializes exclusively in the individual consultation of men on the subject of beard/hairstyling and the associated care. But before heading to the barbershop, there are a few things you should consider. If you follow these tips, not only will you make your barber’s job easier, but you will end up leaving the salon better looking as well.

Be on time

Time on wach

Like with any other appointment, punctuality is a must for the barber. If you are late, it is not only very disrespectful to the barber, but can consciously or unconsciously lead to a worse styling. The reason for this is not even necessarily that you upset the barber. It is often the case that the next customer is already waiting for his appointment and because of you being late the barber is under time pressure and cannot take the time for your styling.

Always try to arrive at the barbershop a little earlier than arranged and if something comes up, let the barber know. In the best-case scenario, this allows him to give preference to another customer and stay on schedule.

Keep your head still

Barber cuts beard

That one is pretty straightforward, but it happens more often than you’d think. Try to refrain from head movements during the conversation with the barber. This saves the barber from having to anticipate every move to avoid making a mistake. As soon as he starts trimming and cutting the beard, you should also stop talking for a while. Especially with the beard, even small movements can have fatal consequences. If the barber places his hands on your head and fixes it that way, it is usually a signal that you should pay more attention to keeping still.

Be patient and set aside enough time

If you have never been to a barbershop before, you will notice that compared to a visit at a hairdresser, it usually takes longer at a barbershop – on average about an hour. A good barber takes his time with advice and styling and does not rush from one customer to another. So relax and set aside enough time for your appointment so that you are not under time pressure later on.

Wash your hair and your beard

Man with beard showers

An unwashed beard will not only be unpleasant for the barber, but it will also limit his work. Dirt and build-up of styling products alter the texture of the hair, making the barber’s job more difficult. Therefore, wash your beard and hair before visiting the barbershop and skip the use of any styling products. The hair is ideally cut in a natural state.

Before you go, think about the look you want

Every barber probably knows the scenario in which the customer has no idea about what he wants. The barber then is supposed to cut it in such a way that it looks “good” according to the customer. However, the idea of a good look can differ dramatically between the customer and the barber.

To avoid this from happening, it is essential to inform yourself in advance and to research different beards and hairstyles. Pick out sample photos and show them to the local barber using your smartphone. This will give the barber a reference point and allows him to advise you much better on how the styling could still be tailored to fit you.

Be aware that not every look from a photograph is possible or looks good on you. First of all, the beard and hair growth as well as the texture of the hair is different for every person and secondly, the shape of your head also plays an important role. However, this is exactly the point at which your barber can help you and show you possible alternatives.

Trust the expert

Barber cuts beard

So you have agreed on a beard style with the barber, but after a few cuts, you notice that the styling is not going the way you want it or that it does not suit you after all? Let the barber know and together you will surely find a satisfying solution, as the barber usually has a few tricks up his sleeve.

It is no help to anyone if you keep your mouth shut, go home dissatisfied and blame the barber for the result. Also, the barber will not know about it and next time, if there is one, he will do the same thing again. But that doesn’t mean you should question every little thing. The barber is still an expert and there is usually a good reason why he uses certain tools or does things in a certain way.

Leave your phone in your pocket

It’s a no-go to talk on the phone during a barbershop visit. While talking on the phone, you inevitably move your head and make the barber’s work much more difficult. Besides, it is also very disrespectful to the barber. Sometimes it cannot be avoided and then it is okay to send a short message. But let that be the exception.

Leave a tip

Money in jar

As long as you are satisfied with the barber’s work, a 15% to 20% tip is the norm. If the barber has done a good job, it might be more.

Are you dissatisfied with the styling and it is due to the fact that you were not able to describe the desired look accurately? In this case, distinguish between the quality of work and the final result.


Barbershop Pole

If you follow these tips, there is no way around leaving the barber with a great look. The barbershop is not just a place where you get your hair cut. We do not know exactly what it is, but almost every barbershop is surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere and after a few visits you will be looking forward to your next appointment. The barber will also get to know you better over time and, provided you communicate it, will know exactly how to style you.

See you at the barbershop!