If you walk through the streets nowadays, it is noticeable that many fashion-conscious men are once again wearing beards in various lengths and shapes. Since not every beard style fits every man’s face, you can use our guide to find the perfect beard for your face shape. Simply select your face shape above or look through our list to get inspired and find the right beard for you. If you like several beard types, nothing is stopping you from combining them to create your very own style.


Anchor beard

The Anchor beard is shaped like a nautical anchor by combining a sharp chin outline with a mustache. It takes a lot of practice and time to get the anchor beard right as it is composed of many different beard styles like Chin Strap, Goatee, Soul Patch and mustache. The chin area runs only a few centimeters upwards at the sides to keep the anchor shape.

To make the Anchor recognizable as such, the contours must be regularly retouched and too long beard hairs have to be trimmed. Depending on the length of the mustache, you may also have to use mustache wax to hold it in place. The complexity in combination with the amount of care required is probably also the reason why you see the anchor beard relatively rarely. On the other hand, a perfect anchor beard is all the more impressive and will stand out from the crowd.

To find someone with an anchor beard, you don’t have to head to the harbor. Many celebrities like Hugh Jackman or David Beckham have already worn it and can serve as a reference for your own one.


Balbo beard

The Balbo beard owes its name to Italo Balbo, an Italian general during the Second World War. This beard type partially resembles the anchor beard, although this one has a wider transition from Soul Patch to chin beard while the Chin Strap, i.e. the beard along the chin, extends further upwards. If you have the necessary beard growth, you can also combine the mustache and chin beard.

To get a Balbo beard, simply grow a full beard and shave off the sideburns. After that, adjust the outlines and trim the beard to the right length. Depending on how fast the beard grows, the amount of maintenance should be reasonable.

The most famous representative of the Balbo beard is probably Robert Downey Jr. and he also shows perfectly how memorable this beard can be.



The Bandholz beard was named after Eric Bandholz and requires a lot of patience. Eric is the founder of the American company Beardbrand, which manufactures and distributes various beard care products. It is often referred to as the lumberjack beard and is especially popular in the hipster scene.

If you decide on the Bandholz beard, you can put aside any tools for cutting and trimming the beard for a while. After a few months, you can make some small adjustments and cut a few unruly bar hairs with scissors – but leave it at that.

As you will not trim the Bandholz beard for a long time it may appear unkempt and unruly. Therefore it is even more important that you always maintain the proper beard care with beard oil and beard shampoo. However, if you manage to get through this whole process, you will be rewarded with a truly magnificent beard.


Chevron moustache

The Chevron or also known as Magnum beard by Tom Selleck is an elegant and classic upper lip mustache, which requires little care and still looks great.

Start by growing a full mustache and trim any whiskers that grow beyond the upper lip. It is often paired with a stubble beard and gives a very masculine look. For the classic Chevron, you do not need any additional styling products, which makes it very easy to maintain. Beard oil is of course still a good idea to keep it soft and smooth.

If you have a dense mustache with thick beard hair which do not curl up in normal condition, this massive mustache is the perfect match for you

Chin Curtain

chin curtain

The Chin Curtain beard is also known as Lincoln beard and demands quite a bit of self-confidence from the beardsman. It is a very creative and masculine beard, which is not subject to many restrictions. So you can experiment with asymmetry and different beard hair lengths to create a very individual look. The only thing for it to be considered a Chin Curtain is the connection between the two sideburns. You can also complement the Chin Curtain with a mustache.

With the Chin Curtain, you don’t have to be too precise with the outlines. This also means that you don’t have to spend too much time grooming the beard what in turn makes it easy to maintain.

Circle Beard

Circle beard

Brad Pitt, Bryan Cranston, George Clooney, and countless others already had a Circle Beard and there is a good reason for that. It not only makes you look intelligent but also radiates an aura of power and self-restraint. This image was probably influenced by the French King Henrich IV, from which it got its other name, Henriquatre.

The Circle Beard consists of a mustache that grows in a circle around the mouth and extends to the chin. This may sound simple, but in practice, it is quite tricky to shave and requires a lot of practice. We recommend using a beard template to get the shape right.

But even after that, it is quite maintenance-intensive as the cheeks and outlines have to be frequently shaved and trimmed as the beard hairs are not supposed to grow too long. If this is not done, the Circle Beard will quickly make an unkempt impression and lose its attractiveness. Apart from that, we still recommend everyone to give it a chance to see if it suits you.

Classic Goatee


Not only men have beards, but also some animals do. A representative of this is the goat, which lends its name to the Goatee. The classic Goatee does not feature a mustache and is comprised of a Soul Patch and a chin beard, which can vary in length. In general, the Goatee is very popular among young men and one reason for this might be that almost everyone has enough beard growth for this beard shape and it is easy to trim.

The goatee beard often gives a youthful and spirited impression, which probably has its origin in the behavior of the bearded animal. Many of the beard styles listed here are based on the goatee and complement it. So there is no reason not to try out a classic Goatee and then move on to another beard style.



As the name of the beard suggests, this very rarely seen beard variant was made up by the painter Salvador Dalí. This mustache with its highly swirled tips, which Dalí called “antennas” and through which he thought he received divine messages, became his trademark.

This beard style is positioned directly above the upper lip and is semi-high and narrow, with the grown part not extending beyond the corner of the mouth. The thin and long ends are twirled up towards the sides or straightened up. While doing so the tips must not exceed the width of the eyebrows. Depending on the growth of the beard, the philtrum, i.e. the vertical groove below the nose, can also be shaved.

Since growing a Dalí takes a long time and the styling is quite difficult, this may be the explanation of why this beard type is hardly ever copied. When it comes to maintaining, it is important not only to trim the rest of the beard regularly but also to use enough mustache wax to ensure that the form remains intact. The fact that the eccentric Dalí beard is appreciated by a few german celebrities despite its enormous complexity and very high maintenance effort is proven by the TV-lawyer Ingo Lenßen, the science journalist Jean Pütz and the TV-cook Horst Lichter.



The Ducktail beard is a neat and elegant full beard variation with that certain something. As you probably already guessed, it has nothing to do with Duckburg, but rather with the shape of a duck’s tail.

Like any other full beard, the Ducktail requires a lot of patience to grow to the proper length. Once the desired length is reached, trim the bottom of the beard so that it tapers to the chin. Depending on what you like better, you can also round off the tip. This is especially recommended for the first try as you can always trim a little more later. Pay special attention to the symmetry, as irregularities and unclean contours are immediately noticeable with this beard style.

For the care of this beard style, not only beard oil and beard shampoo are a must, but also the regular trimming of beard hairs that stick out. No matter if young or old, the Ducktail is always popular and makes a professional and well-educated impression.

English Mustache

english moustache

The English mustache is a real rarity nowadays, which is probably partly due to the fact that it is one of the most complex and high-maintenance mustaches.

Apart from plenty of beard growth you also need a lot of patience to grow an English mustache. Once you have a good-sized mustache, use a generous amount of mustache wax to shape it so that the ends point straight to the side and become more and more tapered. The length can extend beyond the face, although shorter mustaches may look more elegant. In contrast to the Dali, the English mustache has significantly more volume, as the hairs of the entire upper lip beard are used.

If you want to stand out from the crowd with your beard, then the English mustache is the perfect choice for you. People will turn around on the street to take a closer look at this masterpiece of a mustache.

Extended Goatee

Extended goatee

The extended Goatee builds on the classic Goatee and adds a mustache and more beard along the chin. Trimming the goatees is relatively easy and does not have to be done with millimeter precision. Concerning the length of the goatee, you can also be flexible and experimental.

Whether Brad Pitt, Johny Depp or even Leonardo Di Caprio – if you take a look at the past of Hollywood celebrities, you will see that almost everyone has tried a goatee at some point. This beard style is associated with boldness and coolness. If these characteristics apply to you, the extended Goatee may be the perfect match for you.

French Fork

French Fork

The French Fork beard is an extravagant variant of the regular full beard. In contrast to the traditional full beard, the French Fork beard is characterized by a central division in the chin area, which resembles a fork with two prongs, and a slightly trimmed mustache. With the help of a beard trimmer and some styling product, it is not too hard to bring the beard into the right shape.

This beard variant is a real eye-catcher as long as it is properly groomed. In contrast to its complexity, the maintenance required for the French-Fork beard is rather high. Maybe this is the reason why this beard style is hardly seen in everyday life. Two to three weekly washes with a mild beard shampoo as well as regular trimming is mandatory with this beard.

Only then a well-groomed look is guaranteed. To divide the French Fork neatly into two halves and to bring it into shape, beard wax is a great help. That the French Fork beard looks very masculine and radiates a mysterious aura is also evident in its famous wearer Brad Pitt, who wore it more than ten years ago.

Friendly Mutton Chops

Firendly Mutton chops

The Friendly Mutton Chops are not only for rockers and bikers but also for anyone who wants to attract attention with an unusual beard. It makes you look casual and gives your face a distinctive touch at the same time.

To make it look good right from the beginning, start with a full beard and then shave off the chin area. The sideburns completely cover the cheeks and are connected by a mustache. A light stubble beard on the chin is no problem and makes the beard look more natural. But don’t let the chin grow too long, otherwise, it will quickly turn into a rather strange full beard.

If you decide on the Friendly Mutton Chops, you will have to make them look authentic and wear them with confidence. Otherwise, you will more likely embarrass yourself and miss your actual intention.

Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu

As early as 1923, the Fu Manchu beard was worn by the evil mastermind Dr. Fu Manchu in the film “The Mysterious Dr. Fu Man Chu”. Since then many men have been inspired to try out this unique mustache. Even the famous actor Christopher Lee used this style in one of his movies. The fact that this beard is sometimes called a pimp beard is probably because it is more common in these circles.

The Fu Manchu is a narrow, long, thin mustache, which has a gap under the nose and two pointed ends to the right and left of the mouth, which grow exclusively from the hair of the mustache. It will take quite some time until the straight hanging ends reach the chin or beyond and can then be twirled at will. Until then you should let the beard grow uninterruptedly, although the Fu Manchu doesn’t entirely do without any styling.

This means that, depending on beard growth and thickness, it should be trimmed into shape every few days using a precision trimmer or beard scissor. Make sure that the ends are evenly trimmed and that the rest of the face is clean-shaven. The complexity and maintenance involved in growing a Fu Manchu is therefore very high.

Full Beard

Full beard

With the conventional full beard – as the name suggests – the full beard growth of the face is utilized. To grow a full beard you only need to be patient, which probably contributes to the popularity of this beard style.

For starters, this means that you can put the razor away and then allow your facial hair to grow for three months. However, this does by no means imply that you should stop grooming it. Regular washing with a beard shampoo, daily combing and the use of beard oil is crucial and ensures that the beard remains healthy and good looking. After this period you will be in a good position to either refine your full beard with the help of a trimmer and beard scissors or to switch to one of the many other full beard variants.

In this list, you will find many beard types that are based on the full beard and are best suited for different face shapes. You can also trim parts of your full beard to emphasize areas of your face. With a little practice, you will quickly find out how to style your full beard to make it look its best.



After the Garibaldi beard had lost some of its importance in the last decades, it has become the embodiment of the so-called hipster beard in recent years.

If you look at a picture of the Italian freedom fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi, it becomes immediately clear why this beard style was named after him. It is a full beard variation where the lower part is kept round. For the trimming process, this means that only beard hairs that stick out are cut off and that a slight rounding is trimmed at the cheeks. Other than that, the Garibaldi is left as it is.

As you can imagine, getting a Garibaldi takes a while. But if you give Garibaldi the time it needs, and keep up the proper beard care, you’ll have a great and impressive beard style.


Gunslinger beard

The name of this beard probably originates from the representation of gunslingers during the height of the western movies in Hollywood. This bold and adventurous image is still conveyed by the Gunslinger beard, although it is rarely found nowadays.

Technically speaking, the Gunslinger is composed of a horseshoe beard and long sideburns, which do not connect with the rest of the beard. To maintain its shape and to avoid making it unrecognizable by a stubble beard, it is necessary to keep shaving and adjusting the outlines. The rest of the beard must also be trimmed regularly to maintain the same length.

You gotta hand it to the Gunslinger, though: It definitely makes you stand out from the crowd and will leave a lasting impression.


Handlebar moustache

When you think of a classic mustache, you probably have the handlebar mustache in mind. This elaborate twirly mustache is very elegant and can also be combined with many other beard styles.

If the handlebar mustache is left on its own, it is completely in focus and thus comes across especially impressive. With the help of beard scissors and a dash of mustache wax, you can try out different styles and create the ideal way of twirling for your whiskers. But you should have patience, as such a distinctive beard does not grow in a few days.

The handlebar mustache is not only represented in almost all beard championships but has also been rediscovered by many men in recent years and is now back in fashion. For many people, the handlebar is a way of showing that a beard is also a hobby for them and that they are proud of it.


Horseshoe Beard

Although the horseshoe beard had its trendy period in the 60s and 70s, it can still be seen sporadically today. The American wrestling legend and actor Hulk Hogan even made it his trademark. In the rocker and biker scene, the horseshoe beard is also very popular.

In its shape, this beard style resembles a horseshoe, which is worn by horses to protect the hooves. It is very similar to the Fu Manchu mustache as it also has two long ends running down from the corners of the mouth to the chin. However, these are styled from the hair left around the corners of the mouth and not only from the mustache whiskers. The important thing here is that the beard extends straight down and is symmetrical on both sides.

Although the horseshoe beard is a very simple beard of low complexity, the work to maintain it is quite high. Depending on the growth of the beard, this beard should be groomed at least two to three times a week with the help of a beard trimmer and a beard comb. If you apply a bit of beard oil, not only does this keep it healthy, but also the skin underneath remains soft. The horseshoe beard is a classic that has been established for a long time and will always stay that way.


Hulihee beard

The Hulihee is a beard variant that was very popular during the American Civil War period. Today it is not so often seen anymore and is rather rare. This is probably due to the fact that although its complexity is low, the maintenance required is quite high.

The Hulihee is a combination of full beard and mustache and has a length of about six centimeters. The chin, however, is kept clean-shaven. Ensure that the edges from the chin upwards to the corners of the mouth are always the same on both sides.

You can give the beard more character, by trimming the long hair on the chin with a diagonal edge. This way the beard doesn’t look so bulky and the overall impression is loosened up a bit. If you now apply some beard oil, it will keep the beard hairs soft and healthy. When styled in this manner, the Hulihee beard guarantees a well-groomed appearance.

Long Stubble

long stubble

A long stubble beard is a longer version of the normal stubble and the first step towards a full beard. After just two weeks of beard growth, your face will look more masculine and striking with it.

Unfortunately, a lot of men tend to neglect any kind of beard care with this style of beard, although it is already necessary from such a beard length on. A little beard oil can work wonders against an itchy beard and make the beard hair smooth and soft. Use a trimmer to keep the beard at the same length and to establish the outlines.

The 10-day beard looks great and does not require much work. But this may also be the reason why it is nothing special and can be seen everywhere. Yet it’s perfect for getting used to the idea of a longer beard and eventually turning a stubble beard into one of the many other beard types.


Lampshade moustache

This mustache is also often called Lampshade and as soon as you take a closer look at it, you can quickly guess why that is so.

The Menjou mustache runs a diagonal line from the nose to the corner of the mouth. Depending on your preference, you can leave the nose area wider or narrower and use this small change to make the mustache look completely different. The whiskers extend to the upper lip and not beyond the corner of the mouth.

Basically, the Menjou is like a side shaved Chevron mustache. So it is also an option to just grow a Chevron and transition into the Menjou if you prefer it.


Pencil mustache variant 2
Pencil mustache variant 1

This small and elegant mustache has its name not by chance. It is only as wide as a pencil and flatters especially narrow faces by giving them more fullness.

The pencil mustache exists in many different variations. Depending on your preference, you can shave a small area above and below the mustache or shave the vertical groove directly under the nose, the so-called philtrum. However, the beard does not extend beyond the corners of the mouth and is kept relatively short. Fortunately, this also makes it one of the most maintenance-free upper lip beards, as no styling products are necessary thanks to the short length of the beard.

As was shown by the actor Clark Gable, the pencil has a charm of its own and radiates sovereignty and a touch of romance. Most recently, Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds demonstrated with a more modern version of the Pencil that it still has its place in today’s world.

Painters Brush

Painters brush moustache

If you were to paint between your nose and upper lip with a large brush, it would look like the Painters Brush mustache. But since we are not dealing with painting in this blog, let’s get back to the topic of beards.

The Painters Brush is one of the simplest mustaches. All you have to do is grow the mustache and trim all the beard hairs above the upper lip. Also, no beard hairs should grow beyond the corners of the mouth.

Mustache waxes and other styling products are not necessary in most cases, as this mustache does not get too long and should keep its shape by itself. No matter what kind of mustache you grow, it will probably resemble the shape of a painters brush at some point. On this occasion, you can also see for yourself if it suits you and whether you want to keep it.

Rap Industry Standard

Rap Industry Standard

The Rap Industry Standard is a very artistic and unique beard style that requires a lot of work and practice. You can frequently see it among rappers like Kanye West or Prince.

You can think of the RIS as if the beard was drawn on the face with a felt-tip pen. To achieve these sharp lines cleanly, a high level of precision with a razor is necessary. You should thus definitely allow a few minutes for readjustment during your daily morning routine. But be aware that you might make a few mistakes at the beginning, as such a delicate beard requires a lot of practice.

But not only in the rapper scene, the RIS is very trendy. More and more men are becoming fond of this beard style and if you are willing to spend the necessary effort, it will leave a lasting impression everywhere you go.



Long live the King! The legendary sideburns of Elvis Presley were the embodiment of coolness, nonchalance, and rock ‘n’ roll in the 60s and 70s.

When sideburns were at the height of their popularity, they were not only worn by almost every man but also curled up in bold shapes and locks. Nowadays sideburns are rarely found and if they are, they are often short and occupy only a small part of the cheeks. For shaving sideburns, symmetry is key. It is best to use a beard template to avoid any risk.

In general, there is no problem combining the sideburns with other beard styles, although these can then take over the spotlight. We have the feeling that the sideburns will sooner or later experience a renaissance, as they can add that little something to a man’s look.

Soul Patch

Soul Patch

The Soul Patch is tiny and unimposing, but still divides people’ opinions. Some people consider it sexy and smart, others think it is embarrassing. For many men, it is also the first beard and thus the entry into the world of beard styles.

You don’t really need a guide for the Soul Patch, simply shave off any beard around the patch under your mouth. Just don’t forget to trim the Soul Patch at least once a week to keep it at the desired length.

Because the Soul Patch is so easy to style and doesn’t take long to show up, it’s especially suitable for beginners or for those who like to experiment. If the little beard doesn’t suit you, you can always try other beard styles based around it.


Sparrow beard

When thinking of pirates, most people associate them with adventure and the Caribbean. It’s the same way with this beard which is named after Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Sparrow is composed of a long Goatee, Soul Patch, and mustache. Two braids are then woven into the long goatee beard. If you want to have it completely true to the original, you can also insert beard rings into the braids. Naturally, it takes a while to get the right length for them. We recommend that you start with a full beard and then trim it as soon as the desired length is reached.

The time and effort required for trimming depends on where your beard grows. For instance, you won’t find any photos of Johnny Depp with a full beard. This suggests that the Sparrow corresponds to his natural beard pattern and is therefore relatively easy for him to maintain.


stubble beard

We’ve probably all had a stubble or so-called three-day beard. Just put the razor away for a few days and there it is.

Nevertheless, a bit of facial hair can have a great effect. Various studies have proven that women find the stubble much more attractive and masculine than the clean-shaven look. That assumes though that the beard is well-groomed. The outlines of the beard must be properly defined and the neckline also needs to be neat and tidy. Only then does the stubble come into its own and can reach its full potential. Beard oil and other beard care products are not essential at that stage but can help if the beard itches.

Because of its minimal maintenance and non-existent complexity, this beard type is very popular and liked. If you ever get tired of the stubble, you can also skip the trimming and move on to a full beard.


Toothbrush moustache

This moustache has many names – among others Chaplin mustache or two-finger mustache. But you probably know it best as Hitler’s beard, like most others.

This is also the reason why it is not a good idea to have this beard. Probably none of us will ever experience that the Toothbrush is once again acceptable and a common sight.

So you better check out some other upper lip beards and make a big detour around this one.

Van Dyke

Van dyke beard

In the 17th century, the painter Anton van Dyck wore this beard and thus introduced the classic Van Dyke beard style. Despite its age, this beard shape can still be found very often nowadays.

The Van Dyke comes in several variants, but the most popular is a combination of a Goatee and a Handlebar mustache. Both the goatee and the ends of the mustache are tapered at the tip. The rest of the face should remain clean-shaven at all times. As an alternative, you can let the beard grow on the cheeks and move more towards a ducktail beard.

Apart from beard care with beard oil, you will probably also need beard waxes to maintain the shape during the day. If the Van Dyke is well-groomed and styled, it will give you a cool appearance that still remains elegant and classic.


Verdi beard

The Italians really had a hand for good-looking beards, because this full beard variation also originates from one of them. The composer Giuseppe Verdi combined a full beard with a twirled mustache and hence created the Verdi.

The Verdi is an absolute eye-catcher and always scores high at the annual beard championships (yes, such do indeed exist). It is perfect for those who already have a full beard and want to expand on it.

Whoever wants this magnificent full beard, must also have a good amount of patience and spend time on the necessary beard care. The lower part of the full beard should be trimmed regularly and beard hair that sticks out has to be cleaned up by using beard scissors. Furthermore, mustache wax is a must-have to be able to twirl the mustache and complete the look. Some men prefer to twirl their mustache only for special occasions and otherwise leave it with at a regular full beard.

Victor Emanuel Beard

Imperial beard

The noble, extravagant and sleek Victor Emanuel beard is a combination of a mustache and chin beard, which is also known as Imperial beard. It owes its name to the former King of Italy and Sardinia, King Victor Emanuel II. The Victor Emanuel beard was a common feature of the musketeers and still has many followers today, such as the famous actor Jonny Depp.

With this beard style, the ends of the mustache, which should overlap the corners of the mouth by about two centimeters, are twirled upwards. The narrow chin beard, which should not be wider than one to two centimeters, highlights the symmetry of the face. Remember that it is essential that the entire beard always looks even and symmetrical. To achieve this, it should be trimmed to an even length at least once a week and treated regularly with beard oil to keep it soft and prevent itching.

The outlines can be defined using a precision trimmer and the cheek and neck area should be shaved at least twice a week. Mustache wax is very well suited for twirling the mustache. Although the complexity is not very high, the care required is quite extensive. The Victor Emanuel beard is very popular with fashion-conscious, creative and trendy men. It fits perfectly to the boho or dandy style and is guaranteed to attract attention.


Villain mustache

Analogous to the Gunslinger there is also its evil pardon – the villain mustache. It matches the iconic mustache of the typical villain character from the western movies of that era. Yet nowadays, instead of a vicious one, it actually makes a ridiculous impression.

Start with a normal mustache and then shave a gap both below the nose and above the upper lip. Allow the ends to continue to grow and roll them up with the help of plenty mustache wax. Immediately you’ll look like a full-fledged rogue.

Apart from the carnival, we have not yet seen this mustache in public. So if you actually pull it off, we would be curious to see how others will react.


Walrus mustache

This massive mustache has a very unique character and makes you stand out from the crowd. The Walrus mustache usually extends far beyond the corners of the mouth and covers almost the entire mouth.

Not only do you need strong beard growth for the Walrus, but you also need a lot of patience. Many people with beards claim that the upper lip beard grows more slowly than the rest of the beard. This may indeed be the case due to genes, although it usually only seems that way because for most people the mustache is not as dense as the rest of the beard. If this is the case with you, chances are you are not able to grow a walrus.

It is essential that Walrus mustache is washed daily and beard shampoo is used regularly. The reason for this is that with such a massive beard, food remains get lost in the beard at every meal. Also when drinking, contact with the mustache can almost not be avoided. Like the walrus from the animal kingdom, you should also not be too slim as a wearer of the Walrus. Only then will this magnificent mustache truly unfold its full potential.


Winnfield beard

The Winnfield has its roots in the character of Jules Winnfield, played by Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Pulp Fiction. Not only the movie is kept in memory, but also this unique beard style.

In principle, the Winnfield is a modern version of the gunslinger beard, which is enhanced by a few little details. For one thing, the sideburns are a bit bigger and taper towards the corner of the mouth. There is also a small Soul Patch in addition to a Horseshoe mustache.

For beginners, the Winnfield could prove difficult, because it consists of so many separate elements and symmetry is very important in this respect. The rest of the face must also always be clean-shaven, otherwise, the beard won’t look its best. But in case you get the Winnfield right, this casual and modern style will look quite impressive.


Zappa beard

From Frank Zappa not only his rock music remained in memory, but also his unique beard. Despite his relatively low complexity, you will find it rarely.

This beard type is a combination of a big mustache and a wide Soul Patch. Therefore it is best to start with a full beard and then shave the cheeks. The ends of the upper lip beard reach beyond the corner of the mouth but do not connect with the beard under the lower lip. The latter should be rectangular and wider than the regular Soul Patch. As with any beard, beard care is also with the Zappa a must. The outlines of the Zappa need to be kept tidy, otherwise, it will quickly look un-kempt.

The Zappa is not only worthy as a tribute to the famous rock musician but is also on its own a superb beard, which stands out and attracts a lot of attention with its sharp contours.


Zorro moustache

If Zorro had not worn this iconic mustache in the movies and series back then, new generations might not even know it anymore. Hence, the Zorro beard is the perfect example of how a memorable beard can remain in society’s consciousness.

Admittedly, the Zorro is more likely to be seen at the carnival and not on the street. But if you bring the Zorro across authentically, it will seem romantic and daring at the same time. To trim this slim mustache, shave out small gaps under your nose and above your upper lip. The ends of the mustache should taper off from the center and a tiny gap should be left just below the nose. Finish the Zorro with a little mustache wax to give it some hold.

If you decide to get a Zorro mustache, this also has the nice side effect that on your next carnival visit you don’t have to spend much time thinking about a fitting costume.


ZZ beard

This huge full beard got its name from the band ZZ Top and is often jokingly called the wizard beard. Like no other beard, the ZZ stands for a self-confident and wise man.

You probably already figured it out, but to grow a ZZ, you need one thing above all else – patience, lots of it. The longer the ZZ is, the better it looks. The proper beard care plays a huge role in keeping such a beautiful beard well-groomed and healthy. You will also have to get used to using the beard scissors to trim wild beard hairs that stick out.

With this beard style, you will draw all eyes to you and get countless questions about your beard. Along the path of growing a ZZ beard, you will no doubt think about shortening it again or shaving it off completely. This is when you need to stay strong and show willpower. In the end, you will be rewarded with a magnificent full beard.