Man touches beard

Itchy Beard? That’s how you Stop the Itching for good

If you grow a beard, sooner or later you will experience some itchiness. Many aspiring beardsmen are put off by this and believe that it will remain that way forever. However, that is not the case – your skin will get used to the facial hair and the discomfort will disappear after a while. But …

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Man side view

The Best Beard Shaping Tools to Buy or Print

Have you ever made a mistake with the beard trimmer and later in the mirror realized that you messed up your beard outline? If not, you’re lucky! Everyone else shouldn’t worry either – it happens to every guy sooner or later. Maybe, you are growing a beard for the first time and have little experience …

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Sad man with beard

How to Stop Beard Dandruff once and for all

The last thing you want to see in your beard is dandruff. Apart from the fact that it gives you a very scruffy appearance and makes wearing dark clothes a problem, it also makes you itch a lot. However, as soon as you indulge in itching, dandruff will only increase. In this post, we will …

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Barbier mit Föhn

Is it bad to blow dry your beard?

Who hasn’t experienced it: You stand in front of the mirror in the morning and the beard hairs are pointing in all directions, just not where they should go. With the help of a hairdryer, you can quickly get the beard into shape and even “train” it to stay that way in the long-term. However, …

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Bartöl selber machen

How to make beard oil – DIY guide with recipe ideas

Making your own beard oil is by no means witchcraft and probably way easier than you think. In this comprehensive guide, you will find all the necessary steps to produce the popular beard care product yourself and all the reasons why you should do it. If you enjoy experimenting with beard oil, it might even …

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