Brunette man wearing in dark blue suit and tie

How to Dye Your Beard: The Best Beard Dyes

Unfortunately, the wheel of time stops for no one and sooner or later some grey whiskers will appear in your beard. Beard dyes can quickly fix this problem and give you a youthful and fresh look again, at least in terms of your beard. To ensure that the dyeing of your beard takes place without …

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Man with voluminous beard

Beard Split Ends – 8 Causes And How To Stop Them

Most men are lucky enough to be spared the encounter with split ends, as they don’t let their hair and beard grow all too long. However, once the beard has grown a bit longer, chances are that you will spot some hairs in your beard that rather resemble straw or wire. What are beard split …

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Man eats

How a Beard Stays Clean When You Eat And Drink

With a beard, it is unfortunately often unavoidable that some of your food and drink gets lost in the beard. Most of the time you don’t even notice it and only later on in the mirror, you have the embarrassing realization that you were out with dessert in your beard. To spare you this embarrassment, …

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Man combs beard

The Best Beard Combs And Why You Need One

A beard comb belongs to the basic equipment of every beardsman who values a well-groomed look. There are good reasons for this, as combing the beard prevents numerous beard-related problems and keeps the beard healthy. We have looked at a wide range of combs to find the best among them, and at the same time …

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Man touches beard

Soften Your Beard With These Proven Tips

Once beard hairs become hard and wiry, the beard not only feels unpleasant but also makes a very unkempt and scruffy impression. Sooner or later almost every beardsman encounters this problem. With our tips, you can get to the bottom of the problem, make your beard softer and more supple right away and also take …

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Man with curly beard

Best Ways to Straighten your Beard

Taming a wild beard is easier than most men think. We’ll show you all the ways to straighten out a scruffy and unruly beard. All it takes is proper beard care and some heat. By the way, having a curly beard is not necessarily a bad thing. The curls and waves can give character to …

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Man with beard in bath

The Best Beard Shampoos & Washes of 2023

With the help of a beard shampoo or beard wash you can clean your beard from food remains, smoke, dirt and everything else that might be stuck in it. It also prevents itching and ensures that the facial hair not only looks well-groomed, but also remains healthy. To help you choose the right beard shampoo, …

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Man with beard and bald head

Bald and Bearded – The Perfect Combination

You’re bald and thinking about growing a beard? Good idea!Studies prove that this look radiates masculinity and strength. Furthermore, men with beards and bald heads are often associated with a high degree of self-confidence and control. Women are attracted to the look In a survey, women were shown different pictures of men and asked about …

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8 Things to Keep in Mind when Visiting a Barbershop

A beard only really looks its best when it is well-groomed and perfectly styled. The beard care must be done by yourself, but a barber from a barbershop can help you with the styling. A barbershop is a hairdressing salon that specializes exclusively in the individual consultation of men on the subject of beard/hairstyling and …

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Hipster with beard and cigarette

The Rise and Fall of the Hipster Beard

Hipsters are known for wearing clothes and doing things that make them stand out from other people. It is a trend to make oneself appear to be more cultural, sophisticated and unique than other people. In order to achieve this goal, they are often interested in old-fashioned and unpopular things, which in turn gain in …

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